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Business sectors


We know what being a Start-Up means, because we used to be one ourself! So you can be confident that we understand your needs and contrainsts, but most importantly how critical it is to have and run a good business model.



You know your business! Nevertheless an external point of view will help you to identify improvement and development areas, and should you delegate tasks, you'll recover critical time and resources to your core business.



As a service company and as a long time service user, we know the challenges you face on a daily basis. That's why Alternis is your appropriate partner to consolidate and/or extend your business.



Customer relationship, product high quality and performance, consumer satisfaction are your triggers of success. Our experiences are aerospace, defense and automotive industries.

Low Volume

High Value


Mastering costs, sale networks, product quality... are among your key factors of success. Alternis has strong experiences with well iconic industries such as tobacco and food!

High Volume

Low Value


We know how to operate in highly regulated environment (government or/and industry requirements) thanks to our experience in aerospace, tobacco, food, medtech and automotive.

Highly regulated environment

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