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Alternis services

Alternis provides pragmatic and business oriented services to companies willing to extend their business oportunities or facing challenging situations.

Because at first we are entrepreneur, we understand your situation and we guaranty to support your business with an equal importance as it were our.

Being external to your organization, we will bring you neutral, fresh and success proven inputs to help you to streamline your decision making process.

We are a Swiss company operating internationally, suffice it to say how important neutrality, confidentiality, trust and concensus research are part of our DNA.


Willing a fresh, neutral and external point of view on your (new) business, product or service?

Needing to challenge and confront your options?

​Access - from a seasoned  entreprener - to large B2B and B2C experiences in various fields we can together translate to your organization.

Business Developement

Willing to extend or optimize your product portfolio?

Looking to enter new markets? to launch new products or services?

Looking for your next growth opportunities?

Take advantage of a neutral professional focused on both your targets and your customers/consumers' expectations to design and/or run business development based on real and informed inputs.

Project Management

Facing a challenging planning?

Needing to keep cost and design under control?

Looking for a neutral hear to conciliate different points of view or egos?

Maximize your chance of success with our provement project management skills in various challenging and regultated environments.


Looking for speciifc talented resources?

Facing mid or long term key resources unavailability?

Recruiting the five-legged sheep is taking more time than anticipated?

Delegate these tasks to Alternis to make your operation  and/or project smooth and running at normal cruising speed. As entrepeneur we'll  carefully run on your behalf the tasks you need.

Due diligence

Ready to invest in your new venture, and you would like to consider other perspectives than only finance and business plan?

Optimize your investment decision making process by integrating us in your due diligence to identify hidden and critical potention failure botolnecks such as market insigh, resources, project costs estimates...

Board membership

Are you an investor/entrepreneur not solely tracking the financial aspects and willing to have at the board a wider guidance?

Miximize your chance of return on investment by taking advantage of the diverse company  and business insides we were confronted during the last 25 years at an operational level.

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